The second serving from Schmorgasbord brings together two relatively disparate and unrelated artists, but who both share a uniquely twisted approach to making music. S-Max has been doing his thing for some time, running legendary home all things bizarre in house and techno, Boogizm, and releasing a special kind of groove on labels such as Telegraph, 7th City and Karloff.

His original track, ‘Ms. Rosen Dub’, swaggers and sways with the spirit of classic Yorkshire bleeps and bass. The groove is house, but the spirit of adventure is most definitely techno. His remix of Spatial’s ‘Corti’ takes a very different approach, taking a rolling, jungle-like approach to dubstep and nailing it to the groove with stabbing bass notes. Spatial leapt onto the bass music radar late 2008 with his shadowy Infrasonics imprint, and quickly snapped heads with his crisp, refined approach to 2-step rhythms. Since then he’s done things on his own terms, only releasing for himself and mutating his sound over a series of 10”s.

‘Corti’ perfectly demonstrates Spatials unconventional tendencies, lurching and buckling around a perfectly honed splatter of beats, off-centre synths and delirious vocal snippets. Meanwhile on his remix of S-Max, Spatial flips the script once again with a stomping, swung techno angle that hammers the original into an uptempo, fist-pumping banger.


Infrasonics mainman and Boogizm’s S-Max go toe-to-toe with four tracks of kickin’ House and itchy Garage. S-Max, the dude behind a ruck of funked-up micro-House in the ‘00s on labels like Karloff, Telegraph and, of course, his own Boogizm, drops a chunky swing-jack joint on ’Helvetica’, which Spatial duly reinforces with beefed up kicks for the ‘Size 9 Stomp’. Flipside, Spatial drops the splayed 2-step edits of ‘Corti’, delivered with an infectiously kinetic intent, while S-Max tightens it up with a cooler swing.